Price Calculation

One of the main features of ConfigBox is the ability to intelligently calculate pricing for any configuration of the product.

Pricing can depend on customer supplied measurements or selection combinations. ConfigBox takes those entries and uses formulas and price tables to look up pricing for each individual component and updates the product configuration pricing in real-time.

In typical tables you can enter supplier prices, which can be combined with multiplicators or scales of prices to perfectly reflect margins. Or you write a formula which calculates pricing from measurements in the configurator.

The system for price calculation is designed to implement typical business use cases with straight-forward administration while still allowing more complex and specific calculations through advanced settings. Learning the functionality takes less than 30 minutes to create formulas and tables for automated pricing for thousands of potential customers.

Programming interface for specific use cases

Apart from the regular calculation setup you can use our calculation API to create custom elements that do price calculation with PHP programming, removing virtually all limits as to how your pricing is done. This includes lookups from external systems and much more. We are happy to send you the API documentation or develop your pricing system for you.

Example for brochure printing:

Challenge: You are selling brochures with custom width and height measurements and let your customers choose paper quality and confection. Its pricing is depending on the size of the brochure so you need to take width and height into account for calculation. Pricing should be shown for each paper quality and confection.

Solution: You create 2 text field elements for with and height and 2 radio elements with options for quality and confectio respectively. For each option you create a calculation formula using the formula text "Width * Height * Price per qcm" for paper quality and "(Height + Width) * 2 * Preis per cm" for confection. It should take around 10 minutes for the setup.

Result: The customer can enter the desired measurements and the pricing for each option and the total is shown immediately after the required values are entered. If the customer changes measurements, pricing will be updated as the customer types in measurements.

Example for server hosting providers:

Challenge: A hosting privder offers 20% discount on setup and monthly fee if the customer decides to take on a 24 month contract.

Solution: You add an element with the contract durations. You set up a formula with the content "Total * -0.2" for the setup cost and another formula for the recurring price with text "TotalRecurring * -.02". You assign the formulas to the contract duration options and you are finished. It should take around 10 minutes for the setup.

Result: The savings for the 24 month duration will be displayed right next to the element in the configuration and it's value will be automatically updated if the totals change.

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