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Frequently asked questions about ConfigBox

Where to find a demo for ConfigBox?

On the start page you find a box called 'Get an Instand Demo'. This creates a personal demo website with ConfigBox and a some demo products.

You have access to the administration panel so you can test-drive all aspects of the software (except software customization for security reasons).

Where is the Wordpress Demo?

The Wordpress edition just came out and a good, presentable demo site is pending. Please get a trial release for now to see it in action.

Is ConfigBox for Magento and Joomla the same?

The configurator features are the same for both Joomla and Magento. Features that do not belong to the configurator page (e.g. RFQ, review, customer and order management) do not exist in the Magento version. In future there will be a separate website or section for the Magento version. See the demo in case you are not sure if you are covered.

I want to know about ConfigBox' code security practices

See our page on ConfigBox security for the safeguards on OWASPS top 10 web application security risks.

What happens after purchase?

Purchasing is fully automated, during ordering you get a customer account (credentials are sent via email) and after payment you get access to download our releases. Only exception is bank transaction where you need to wait until we receive the payment.

The download is a zip file and it contains Joomla extension packages that you use for installation or update in the Joomla extension manager. See the manual for details on the installation.

We issue proper invoices for accounting and send them in PDF format via email. You receive it automatically via email after payment.

How are updates handled and what are major releases?

Typically we bring out a major release about every year, including significant improvements and sell it to existing customers for a reduced price.

Major releases are identified by the second version number (e.g. 2.5.x, 2.6.x). In order to simplify things in upcoming releases, they will be identified by the first number (3.x.x, 4.x.x etc.).

We maintain major releases (current and old ones) with updates if we find a bug or vulnerability to make sure your store runs fine no matter which release you have in use.

Mind that minor releases do not extend compatibility with the software it relies on. Check compatibility and consider upgrading if you plan to upgrade Joomla or your webhosting. Each release page contains info about the supported Joomla versions.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems worldwide. It's simple yet powerful administration and great number of extensions makes it the best choice for a significant number of companies.

Which costs occur after purchase of a license?

None. Apart from the monthly fee, there are no more obligatory fees. Our support covers receiving bug reports and quick tips on usage. 

Rovexo offers customization services, staff training workshops and consultation on optimizing your store or catalogue. 

Can I run multiple stores with one license?

You need to purchase a license for each store you run. You can however run a develpment and testing website alongside (see license agreement).

What do I do if I encounter an error?

  1. Check the dashboard for automated health check issues and solutions
  2. Update to the latest version of your major release
  3. If you use customizations, check for issues in it
  4. Send us a detailed problem description along with the ConfigBox version number (you see it in the dashboard) and we'll get back to you asap. 

I need specific functionality in ConfigBox, how to approach this?

Besides development and distribution of ConfigBox, Rovexo offers customized solutions. You can request a quotation if you already got specifications or hire us for consultation if you need to figure out a solution.

Can I sell non-configurable products with Configbox?

Yes, all it takes is adding a product without configurator pages.

ConfigBox uses obfuscation, does that prevent me from making customizations?

No, only the configurator engine and data processing code is obfuscated. All code responsible for output is clear and documented.

You find comprehensive information on how to customize ConfigBox in the manual.

Can I use iDEAL as payment method?

Yes, ConfigBox comes with an integration with MultiSafepay, enabling you to accept iDEAL payments.

How is performance on high-traffic sites?

On low traffic configurator selections take around 150ms on low-level VPS servers with no optimization measures. The load/time curve is very flat.

On high-traffic sites we suggest to follow the automated performance analysis tips calculated in the ConfigBox dashboard.

A good example is our client Blinds to Go ( The shop handles 2.500 visitors daily on average and runs on a single dedicated server. Page loading averages at 800ms, configurator selections take 700ms. Half of this time is on account of the connected ERP system, sending pricing for the current configuration in real time.

We take advanced measures to maintain fast processing on both server and browser. Initially hidden images are loaded AFTER the page is displayed. All store images have far-future cache headers and are automatically invalidated by renaming when they get changed. We use a memory cache (when available) for preprocessed data and we have a dedicated development phase for performance analysis for each release.

Your answer wasn't there?

You find comprehensive documentation about ConfigBox in the manual.

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