Extension Integration

These features regard the Joomla version only. Template overrides exist in Magento as well.

ConfigBox uses all important features of the Joomla Framework for seamless integration with Joomla and third party extensions and also provides interfaces for communication with non-Joomla software systems.

Also, all ConfigBox features are designed for extending functionality and integration with other systems, most of them do not require modification of the base code of ConfigBox. 

Integration with 3rd Party Systems

User Management

ConfigBox synchronizes customer account and Joomla user account data automatically to achieve these goals:

  • Central Login
  • Usage of customer data in third party software
  • Transfer of user data in the customer account
  • Usage of Joomla user permissions for features
  • Integration with CRM and newsletter software


Observer/Listener Architecture for data exchange with third party software

ConfigBox triggers system events and transmits customer and order data through an observer/listener system to offer data to receiving connectors in the system. This enables exchange of data with any system. With unparalleled efficiency and transparency you can have connectors created that act as middle man between ConfigBox and your CRM/ERP system for data exchange or simple data export.


Extension of standard functionality

Configurator questions with custom functionality: On top of the built-in question types in the configurator, your developers can build custom question types for optimal user experience and/or simplified product data management.

Override templates for presentation: ConfigBox uses a Template Override System (similar to Joomla's override system) to enable you to alter any page design. You can also set specific templates individual product and configurator pages.

  • Specific design for product presentation
  • Optimized usability during configuration
  • Implementation of the company's CI
  • Removal of unused information or functionality
  • Change of wording for any system texts 

Open Source-Code: While ConfigBox is not GPL licensed, but you still have access to the source code to make your own modifications if you need to. The Configurator engine is encrypted to prevent software-piracy. Files responsible for the extending the logic are open.

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