ConfigBox 3

ConfigBox 3 for Joomla, Wordpress and Magento sports a fresh and modernized frontend and a far more intuitive backend. Developers will love the clearly organized framework. 

For upgrades from CB 1 and 2: Store data gets migrated automatically, but customizations definitely need a rewrite. The straight-forward way is to see the new template code and implement the same adaptions. 

Infos on breaking changes within ConfigBox 3

Current version: 3.1.2
See platform compatibility and technical requirements.

New Key Features

  • Modernized Bootstrap-based frontend and backend
  • One-Page checkout now integrated in cart for optimized checkout
  • Enterprise: Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking
  • Pro: Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking as in CB 2.6
  • Enterprise: Copying of products, pages and answers (excl. calculations and rules)
  • Enterprise: 3D product visualisation in cooperation with ShapeDiver. 
  • Strong code documentation and clearly organized architecture for customization

Features removed since ConfigBox 2.6

  • Deposit payments
  • Defining questions that control product quantity on configurator pages
  • Template overrides for configurator questions (overrides for other templates as before). In its place you have custom question types (documentation for it coming soon).
  • Quote requests directly from the configurator (now via cart page)