CB 2.6 for Joomla

Version 2.6.1

Change in order confirmation page (view 'confirmation')

  • Open the file /components/com_configbox/data/customization/templates/confirmation/default.php
  • Find the line starting with var tcConfirmed and the one with var rpConfirmed.
  • You see a call to attr('checked') on both lines, change it to prop('checked').
  • Save the file, update ConfigBox and make a test order. The change was done correctly if the system lets you order.

Version 2.6.13

Updated customer data entry forms (view 'user'):

If you got customized entry forms (profile, quotation request, save order, checkout) you need to revise these to use the new city and county inputs. 

Version 2.6.16

Custom template for view 'position':

If you customized this template and you have problems with multi-page tables, please review the template based on the new version. Before, the configuration table and the product image was enclosed by a table that handles the layout. Now this layout table was replaced by 2 <div> elements that float.

Please note that we only use table layouts for PDF generation only, never for actual browser display.   

Version 2.6.17

Custom templates for email notifications, notification snippers and email attachments:

If you use this type of customization, please copy the 3 folders (notification_elements, notification_attachments, notification_templates) from

/components/com_cbcheckout/data/ to /components/com_configbox/data/customization/

Custom template for checkout order address (view 'checkoutaddress')

We introduced a new login and lost-password feature. 

Version 2.6.18

If you have custom CSS or a custom template for product detail panes

We had to stop using jQueryUI for the tab functionality product detail panes. Please check the outcome of your pane styling after the update and apply your changes based on the new form.

Version 2.6.24

If you use the PHP class KObject in your customizations:

We noticed a class name conflict with the extension DOCman and had to rename our class KObject to KenedoObject. You need to find and replace the names in your customizations.

Version 2.6.29

If you have a custom quotation PDF template (view 'quotation'):

We have upgraded the PDF generator dompdf to 0.8.2 and there are breaking changes. Search for the following code pieces in your custom templates and change them:

  • Font_Metrics::get_font to $fontMetrics->getFont
  • Font_Metrics::get_text_width to $fontMetrics->getTextWidth

Version 2.6.31

None, but we recommend updating ionCube Loader to version 10.2 or higher and use the universal upgrade packages. You can then switch between PHP versions 5.4 to 7.2 without any need for version-specific packages.

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