Streamlined custom workstation configurator for automated quotation and B2B ecommerce
CADnetwork assembles and sells customizable PC systems, rack servers and laptops suitable for CAD drawing and rendering.
Enable instant quotes and ecommerce
Lead generation by offering a wish-list and PDF dispatch of quotations
Fully automated price calculation for zero sales team effort
The Challenges
Complexity wrapped in intuitive interfaces

The client offers highly configurable workstation setups and needed to stand out as supplier with a clear and attractive way to select the right system. A streamlined and visually appealing way for customers to pick their desired PC system was key to sucess.

Managing the product catalog with ease

When it comes to product catalog management, the client sets up a pool of PC components and then sets up configurable products with questions and assigns possible components. To define which components should be offered in each question, he defines what his customer has to select to see the component.

Lead generation for customers that aren’t committed to purchase yet

PC system customers have a vast choice of suppliers, so lead generation and follow-ups play a vital role in the sales process of the client.

How we got there
Configurator design and organization

The client had a very concise idea about how his configurator pages shall be organized and provided mockups. We decided on creating a responsive grid-based layout.

Lead generation

Leveraging ConfigBox’ quote request and PDF generation system, we created to ways for customers to receive quotes.

Customer Feedback
Product Selection Blocks
Product Page

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