Leland's Barns

Custom built barns, car ports, gazebos and playhouses with reseller portal and rent-to-own functionality.
Leland's Industries approached us 2010 to build a custom designed configurator for their line of products. To make products affordable, we built a custom rent-to-own system that generates contracts, online-signing and contract management on top of ConfigBox.
Rent to own application to calculate monthly rent, deposits and insurance policies.
Application and contract generation with online signing using Adobe Sign
Integration in X2CRM and client's built in ERP system
The Challenges
Rent to own

The client offers his products as regular purchase orders and also offers products on a rent to own basis. For this we created a custom application on top of Configbox to take purchase price and custom product information to calculate rental terms and pricing.

Custom Design

Even though the design of the website was changed by third parties few years after the initial launch, good parts of the original custom design can still be found on the site.

We built custom product pages, configurator, cart and RTO/checkout pages. With careful consultation communication we came up with appropriate designs to properly represent the company and streamline the customer's experience.


Contract generation and online signing

The rent to own process needed streamlining and we created a flow that creates contract based on product selection and RTO customer form data. To speed up signing we integrated Adobe Sign to make contract signing and distribution automated and easily organisable.

Customer Feedback
Product list
Rent to Own Integration
Contract Management
Adobe Sign
Adobe Sign

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