Blinds to Go

2011 Blinds to Go approached us to find a solution to present and sell their consumer products online.
Blinds to Go manufactures and sells consumer window shades and blinds in Canada and northeast US. Their catalog consists of around 100 products, each with 5-20 colors/materials. The products are built to order, they have custom width and height and come with various customizable features like cord locks, turning mechanisms and alike.
Products that are built-to-order are presented to customers in a simple and intuitive way.
Minimizing sales team effort by automation.
Automated order forwarding to the ERP system.
The Challenges
Interdependent product attributes and dynamic validation

“Our products are have plenty of configurable features. The customer shouldn’t worry about what measurements are possible and what components can be built together.”

Price calculation via external ERP system

"We calculate pricing with our own IT system, have a way to show it to our customers while they make selections."

Swatch ordering system

"Selling blinds online is difficult because people can’t see the materials and colors in real life before purchase - we must find a convenient way to address customer concerns and lower barriers for purchasing."

Integration of product data in product landing pages

"Our website is huge, how do we keep oversight and keep content up-to-date?"

How we got there
Interdependent product rules and dynamic validation

We set up the configurator page so that the customer gets to make selections for the things he cares about most first and following possible answers get filtered as he keeps on making selections. Using ConfigBox' compatibility rules engine, the client was able to define rules with his own staff.

Price Calculation via external ERP system

We bypassed ConfigBox’ calculation system and assigned the ERPs reference codes for each product component and measurement to CB’s product data. We set up a HTTP request based API between ConfigBox and the ERP system and exchange reference codes and pricing.

Swatch ordering and product page integration

We enabled the end customers to order free swatches on any page where he considers purchasing a product. To make content management easy, we built content add-ons that enabled staff to add swatches in a point and click fashion to display available colors with an elegant and convenient way to order. The content editor merely chooses the styles to show and the system does the rest.

Customer Feedback
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Configurator Page
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