ConfigBox 2.6

ConfigBox 2.6 is a refinement of the configurator and a complete rewrite of the order management and backend with over 50 new features.

Current version: 2.6.30
Compatible with:

  • Joomla 2.5 - 3.8.x
  • PHP 5.4 - PHP 7.x
  • Requires ionCube Loader 10.2 or higher.

Imporant: If you update, please read the update notes.

Most important new features:

  • PHP 7 compatibility
  • New backend design
  • Searchable dropdowns
  • Improved table calculation
  • Drag'n'Drop calculation editor to make formula calculations much easier
  • Joomla 3 Compatibility
  • One Page Checkout
  • Rating and reviews for products and options
  • Improved Invoicing: Use of invoice numbers, automatic and manual release, email dispatch
  • Payment Service Provider: WorldPay Business Gateway
  • Payment Service Provider: BillSAFE Rechnung
  • Payment Service Provider: Paymill Rest API
  • Payment Service Provider: SagePay Server Integration
  • Payment Service Provider: MultiSafepay Connect
  • Payment Service Provider: SOFORT Überweisung CLASSIC
  • Payment Service Provider: PostFinance (Basic, Startup und Professional)
  • Email notifications, registration email and quotation PDF in improved design 
  • Integration with PSP SOFORT (SOFORT Überweisung CLASSIC)
  • Integration with PSP PostFinance (PostFinance Basic, Startup and Professional)
  • Implementation of all criterias for Trusted Shops
  • Selection of states/provinces
  • Tax classes and custom tax rates for countries or states
  • Dynamic validation of configurator entries using calculation
  • Display of tax, best payment and shipping method during configuration
  • Quotation request during configuration
  • Customer groups with discounts and many settings
  • Automatic selection of shipping and payment method
  • IP Geotargeting: Pre-filling of country, state and city using MaxMind GeoIP Webservice*
  • Drag and drop reordering of elements and other records
  • Enhanced direct editing on website using lightbox windows
  • Greatly improved page-load timing on pages with many hidden images
  • Quantity can now be changed during configuration
  • Use of other calculations within a calculation formula
  • Use of calculated values in calculation table

GeoIP City/ISP/Organization Web Service contingent has to be purchased from MaxMind (

Changed templates since 2.5:

  • All templates

All new features:

  • Invoicing: Invoice numbers, Number scopes, manual release, storage of PDFs, better layout of invoice
  • Checkout: Automatic determination of country, state/province and city using MaxMind GeoIP Webservice (you need GeoIP City/ISP/Organization Web Service - $20 for 50.000 lookups from MaxMind) - Activation in ConfigBox Configuration
  • Checkout: Validation of VAT-IN using the EU service VIES.
  • Configurator: Display of the best payment and delivery method (when GeoIP tracking is enabled)
  • Configurator: Date entry now using validation minimum and maximum values (in days from the current date) 
  • Checkout: Better layout of order overview tables
  • Checkout: When multiple tax rates are used, each tax rate is displayed cumulated in order overviews
  • Checkout: All criterias of Trusted Shops implemented
  • Checkout: Order confirmation email text refined: showing all infos like on the confirmation page
  • Platform: Compatible with Joomla 3
  • Performance: Doubled speed in configurator when using complex products, 50% speed gain on small products
  • Performance: Caching in server RAM when APC is installed (ask your hosting provider), if not using file cache for faster loading
  • Performance: Speed improvements when many images are used (using Far Future Expired Headers) when mod_headers is installed (ask your hosting provider).
  • Performance: Much better load times of configurator pages that use many product visualization images
  • Order Management: Customers can upload files after ordering (Customer profile -> order)
  • Checkout: One-Page-Checkout. Customer reaches confirmation page right after cart. Prefill of most fields.
  • Checkout: Prefill of best shipping and payment method
  • Payment method: Sofort (sofortü
  • Administration: All backend functions now available in frontend
  • Administration: New backend design
  • Order management: Customer groups with many settings
  • Order management: Discount levels (e.g. 'orders from $100 with 10% discount)
  • Order management: Many order management settings now are moved to individual customer group settings. E.g. B2B/B2C, display of prices, cart functions
  • Administration: Automated system health checks (e.g. check if required folders are writable and many more)
  • Administration: Automated performance checks to determine if server settings can improve performance with instructions on how to change them.
  • Administration: Software update checks
  • Configurator: Description texts for product listings
  • Configurator: Tax classes instead of individual entry of tax rates
  • Configurator: Override of tax rates for individual countries or states/provinces
  • Checkout: Selection of states/provinces. The system contains a complete list of all countries' states including FIPS and ISO Codes.
  • Configurator: Rating system using jReviews - 1-5 star rating and reviews
  • Configurator: 6 user defined fields for products (4 standard, 2 translatable)
  • Configurator: 2 translatable fields for elements and options
  • Configurator: Removal of sections
  • Configurator: Automatic selection of any option or default option once the currently selected option becomes inactive
  • Checkout: Continue Shopping button in cart and thank you page (configurable in order management configuration)
  • Checkout: Renaming of VAT in tax
  • Checkout: Selection of salutations (list of salutations in order management backend)
  • Email notifications: New element {element_store_information} to display store related information.
  • Configurator: New calculation table setting: use next lower value in table
  • Configurator: New calculation formula feature: Set a default value if a ElementAttribute() field is empty. E.g. ElementAttribute(22.selectedOption.option_custom_1, 100) - 100 is the returned value if the Custom 1 field of the selected option is emty (or no option is selected).
  • Cart: Save order now requires entry of customer information (customer fields can be selected in the order management at 'customer fields')
  • Order management: New customer fields salutation and state/province. Individual validation settings for 'Save Order' and customer profile forms.
  • Payment Service Provider: WorldPay Business Gateway
  • Payment Service Provider: BillSAFE Rechnung
  • Payment Service Provider: Paymill Rest API
  • Payment Service Provider: SagePay Server Integration
  • Payment Service Provider: MultiSafepay Connect
  • Payment Service Provider: SOFORT Überweisung CLASSIC
  • Payment Service Provider: PostFinance (Basic, Startup und Professional)

Release Notes 2.6.1

  • Joomla 3.2 compatibility
  • Fixed an issue with the static multiplicator in calculation tables 

Release Notes 2.6.2

  • New One Page Checkout
  • Invoices can be sent to the customer via email
  • Redesign of the invoice (consistent with the quotation PDF)

Release Notes 2.6.4

  • Minor issues on Joomla 3.2 sites

Release Notes 2.6.5

  • Payment Service Provider: WorldPay Business Gateway
  • Payment Service Provider: BillSAFE Rechnung

Release Notes 2.6.6

  • Minor Bugfixes

Release Notes 2.6.7

  • Bugfix: Default invoice template could not be chosen
  • New drag'n'drop calculation editor

Release Notes 2.6.8

  • New backend design
  • Improved table calculation
  • Searchable dropdowns
  • Product tree structure instead of lists with filters

Release Notes 2.6.9

  • Discount levels with fixed amounts (additional to percentages)
  • Quotation requests now without silent customer registration
  • Bug fixes for new backend design

Release Notes 2.6.10

  • An installation problem on some servers was fixed

Release Notes 2.6.11

  • A problem with save-buttons on Firefox was fixed
  • Separate discount levels for regular and recurring prices
  • Backend performance improved for stores with big product range

Release Notes 2.6.12

  • Further performance improvements in backend for stores with big product range

Release Notes 2.6.13

  • Detail improvements in backend
  • New city and county entry in customer data forms

Release Notes 2.6.14

  • Fixed an issue with filters in the rule editor
  • Fixed an issue with administration of counties and cities

Release Notes 2.6.15

  • Rule Editor: You can now use calculation results and customer data as terms
  • Fixed an issue with calculation matrices

Release Notes 2.6.16

  • Compatibility with MySQL 5.6 in Strict-Mode
  • Calendar now also with empty default value
  • Fixed an issue with PDFs with multi-page tables
  • Fixed an issue with file type validation on servers without a MIME-type library

Release Notes 2.6.17

  • User-friendly password reset and login on checkout page
  • Rule editor and most modal windows resize to full with and height of the browser

Release Notes 2.6.18

  • Fixed an issue that occurs when a calculation matrix is loaded via a link within the element or option assignment edit screen.
  • Overhaul of product detail panes (see update notes on top of the page)
  • Fixed an issue that occurs when a customer clicks on the 'Back to cart' button on the checkout page (Cart contents cannot be changed then)

Release Notes 2.6.19

  • Fixed an issue in the cart where a purchased order stays in the cart without a possibility to remove it. The cart stays empty and ready for new positions now.
  • Fixed an issue where the row heading values did not display correctly and lead to issues during saving.

Release Notes 2.6.20

  • Fixed an issue with filtering of lists in the backend
  • Fixed an issue with validation of configurator file uploads on servers using a case-sensitive file system

Release Notes 2.6.21

  • Fixed an issue with email dispatch on Joomla 1.5 platforms
  • Fixed an issue with quotation PDF downloads being blocked by browser popup-blockers
  • Fixed an issue with the backend layout on recent Safari browsers

Release Notes 2.6.22

  • Sorting of products in product listings (manual ordering or by product title)
  • Fixed an issue with filtering lists in the backend
  • Fixed an issue with email dispatch of notifications about reviews

Release Notes 2.6.23

  • Quotation request: When download+email was activated, the email was not sent.

Release Notes 2.6.24 - 25

  • Rounding of net prices to 4 decimal places.
  • Correction of order status when RFQ is enabled and set without email nor download.
  • IP address check compatible with all common CDNs.
  • Incompatibility with DOCman solved. 

Release Notes 2.6.26

  • Support for E-Commerce tracking with Google Universal Tracking. You can switch von Asynchronous Tracking to Universal Tracking code with no additional setup required.
  • Updated transaction URL for Authorize.Net payment service provider.
  • New font for PDFs (DejaVu Sans) for support for all European languages.

Release Notes 2.6.27

  • Values of custom fields 5+6 of options are now copied  over to order record data
  • Resolved a problem with product title override (same products in order did not get their individual override title)
  • Resolved a problem with the Slider-Widget (dynamic validation changes rendered the slider dysfunctional)

Release Notes 2.6.28

  • PHP 7 compatibility. From now on we release separate packages for PHP 5.4-5.5 and PHP 5.6-7.x. Be careful to use the right installers for your PHP version and enjoy PHP 7's performance benefits!
  • We said good-bye to Joomla 1.5 support, but just to simplify our download file. If you desparately need 2.6.28 for Joomla 1.5, let us know! 

Release Notes 2.6.29

  • Updated PDF generator (domPDF) to latest version
  • Added product title and listing filter in admin product tree
  • Logging of RFQ requests
  • PHP 7.1 compatibility (separate installers for PHP 5.4-5.6, 5.6-7.0 and 7.1)


Installation Info

Please do not forget to activate the plugins after installation.

Update Info

Please always update all extensions in the upgrade folder.