ConfigBox 2.5

ConfigBox 2.5 is a complete renewal of the configurator engine and delivers significant performance improvements and more possibilities on individualization.

Compatible with Joomla 1.5 - 2.5. For compatibility with Joomla 3 and higher please use ConfigBox 2.6.

New Features in 2.5

  • Weight calculation with calculation models for improved shipping cost calculation.
  • File Uploads in elements as part of the new widget engine.
  • Widgets: Use of sliders and calendars for custom customer entries in the configurator.
  • Negative prices for shipping costs and payment method fees.
  • Payment method fees can now be percentages of the order total
  • Configured products can be saved anonymously and reopened via a simple link.
  • Recommendation system: Products in a custom configuration can be recommended by email
  • Option availibility and entry of dates when available again.
  • Entry of states in customer profile.
  • Billing address now comes before delivery address as is more common in shops.

Release notes 2.5.7

  • Bug in calculation table form (multiplier was not effective)

Release notes 2.5.8

  • Rule editor now also works with german comma as decimal mark
  • Problem with totals in price overview in configurator when calculated elements are used 

Release notes 2.5.9

  • Solved an issue with calculation elements using rules

Release notes 2.5.10

  • Check prior installation if ionCube Loader is installed

Release notes 2.5.11

  • Solved an issue with untranslated validation feedback in german language

Release notes 2.5.12

  • Solved an issue with price formatting

Release notes 2.5.13

  • Solved an issue on new installations sinces version 2.5.12

Compatibility with older versions

Updating requires you to change all customizations you made to the shop system. Configurator data is being updated automatically. If you have not made any customizations, you can update without taking any further action. 

  • As replacement for the element template 'image', upload an image at the option picker image field  at the option assignment
  • New location for custom templates: now located in data/customization/templates
  • All templates need to be rewritten to the new format. Element templates are splitted between the base types 'text', 'checkbox', 'radio' and 'dropdown'.
  • Custom plugins that manipulate the order record or Grandorder object need be adapted. The format of both has changed.
  • New location for language overrides: in data/customization/language_overrides. Format of the files is the same.
  • New location of CSS overrides and the custom JavaScript file: now in data/customization/style_overrides
  • You need to revise the customer fields since billing address is not displayed before (or instead) of hte delivery address. For the quotation form you must set the fields.
  • In the email templates for notifications you need to replace the delivery address fields with the billing address fields (e.g. {billingfirstname} instead of {firstname} since the billing address is the primary address since 2.5.0.

If you use the VirtueMart Connector, you need the latest version of the plugin. Please request it via the contact form (please state your company name and ConfigBox license key). 

Important steps after installation or upgrade

When using Joomla 1.6 or higher: After installation, please open up the permission screen at ConfigBox -> Configuration -> Permissions (top right corner) and set the price display and other permissions for public groups. Otherwise none of your users will be able to see pricing and cart buttons.

Important note for updates from pre 2.2.0: Please be sure to read the compatibility notes when upgrading from ConfigBox versions prior to 2.2.0.

Important note for updates from pre 2.3.0: The plugin 'ConfigBox - Requests Handler' from versions lower than 2.3.0 is not needed anymore, please uninstall it after the upgrade.

Installation Info

Please do not forget to activate the plugins after installation.

Update Info

Please always update all extensions in the upgrade folder.