Compatibility Rules

rules-puzzleCompatibility rules enable you to show or hide additional components of your product as you customer makes selections. This can be used for presenting the configuration in a step-by-step fashion or to hide incompatible components. Video

This creates a transparent and user-friendly presentation of your products or services and rules out the risk of unbuildable orders. Setup of rules is easy to manage and does not require any technical background.


rules-thumb-ruleThe compatiblity rules (also known as product rules) also enable the customer to try different combinations of compatible components without having to deal with incompatibilities themselves making product configuration an engaging process that leads to improved conversion rates.

Screenshot Rule-Editor 2Setting up rules is done with a visual editor that can be used without any technical skills or steep learning curves and follows the founding principle of ConfigBox: Rapid implementation with sophisticated results, automatization of complexities within the software itself.